Business Approach

Global Tech Engineering and Construction is committed to the delivery of quality workmanship, and therefore our businesses are supported by Quality Management System on all our operations .
By strategically positioning quality management at the heart of its operations, Global Tech Engineering and Construction has bound together the full value chain of an infrastructure company, thus embedding the concept of a triple bottom line management culture, which is central to reinforcing sustainability and delivering a quality outcome to all stakeholders.
The implementation of ISO 9001:2015 started in 2015 working towards certification to be achieved. ISO
9001:2015 is a world wide recognized Quality Management System, ensuring that top quality workmanship is underpinned.

All our contracts are now managed using the Quality Management System, in South Africa as well as our cross-border projects / contracts. The health and safety of our workforce and staff is of the utmost importance to our company and therefore every effort is being made to ensure a safe working environment at
all times.
• People
• Planet
• Performance
• Strategy
• Risk
• Corporate governance
• Legal & regulatory compliance

Quality management is the cornerstone of Global Tech Engineering and Construction operational culture and business approach.