Civil Engineering

From large-scale infrastructure to commercial developments, the GLOBAL TECH ENGINEERING AND
CONSTRUCTION has an impressive history of successful civil engineering projects. We draw on our extensive
technical knowledge, critical resources and a wealth of specialized skills to provide engineering services in road
construction, pipelines, dams and premium residential and commercial developments.


The pervasive use of asphalt in many areas of construction has created a
need for a specialized focus on asphalting services. GLOBAL TECH
ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION offers road rehabilitation, including
the reconstruction of damaged surfaces. We are dedicated to achieving
sustainable, long-term transport solutions by providing high-quality road
surfacing and construction services to enhance South Africa’s capacity for
industry and continued economic growth.


Our concrete construction experience spans across the crucial areas of water purification and treatment works, having constructed several major projects in this sector. Additionally, we provide both pedestrian and vehicular bridges, utilising both steel and concrete.



The company has extensive experience and a large fleet of specialist machinery to be able to deliver he following services:Pipe Bursting,Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe Jacking, Moiling, Rock drilling
We employs the latest trenchless technology available, we can install many kilometers of pipeline, of varying diameters, in a wide range of ground conditions, varying from soft sand to hard rock which requiring blasting.
The use of trenchless technology minimizes disruption to surface activities and other underground services, and the company is a leading exponent of cutting edge techniques. This placesusing the optimal position to provide technical advice, budgeting guidelines and realistic feasibility studies to customers,
Services offered include: 
Pipe jacking
Horizontal directional drilling
Auger boring
Sliplining of pipelines


Chemical Conditioning
Hydraulic Flocculation
Mechanical Flocculation
Sludge Blanket Clarifiers
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Counter Current Dissolved Air Flotation
Rapid Gravity Filters
Lateral Filters
Monolithic Filters
Granular Activated Carbon Filters
Micro Filtration
Ultra Filtration
Nano Filtration
Reverse Osmosis
Ultra Violet Sterilization
Pumping Plants and Transfer Stations

The common technologies, processes and products offered by us in the treatment of wastewater are:
Screening, Grit Removal , Primary Sedimentation, Surface Aeration,
Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration ,Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF),
Sludge Thickening, Suction Lift Clarifiers,Sewage Pump ,
Heat Exchangers, Digestor Mixing, Disinfection ,Chlorination.

We specialised in the refurbishment and upgrading of existing infra-structure. With the cost of new infrastructure being very costly, we are able to assist many clients in assessing the viability of existing infrastructure and completely rehabilitate it to modern specification or just upgrading it to more modern or automated standards. This applies to both potable and wastewater infrastructure.