Health & Safety

Our innovative safety products and solutions improve the functional operation
of your machinery while helping to increase personnel safety, efficiency and productivity.

Risk Management
Basic Safety Assessment:
• Evaluation report includes: Documentation of participants, identification
of primary hazards/tasks, risk-in/risk-out, recommendations for safety improvements
• Safety circuit performance requirements
• Photographing of critical identified hazards (based on customer approval)

Team-based Risk Assessment:
All features of the basic safety Assessment with the following additional features:
• Customer team typically consists of operations, maintenance, engineering, technicians, cleaning, sanitation and
safety personnel.
• Basic risk assessment training
• Hazard Identification during setup, normal and abnormal operation, sanitation/ cleaning, maintenance and
emergency conditions
• Reporting and documentation

Development of Safety System Functional Requirements
Evaluate safeguarding options based on industry acceptable solutions and select mitigation techniques.

Safety System Design & Verification
Our Safety System Design and Verification Services provides a comprehensive design to help ensure the safety of
employees. It also consists of a comprehensive circuit design, proper application of safety devices and design review to improve safety in your facility.

Safety Installation and Validation Analysis
Safety system validation services help to ensure proper safety system installation and functionality. These services
evaluate circuit performance, fault tolerance, fault action, software logic, device application, device function and reset actions for all modes of operation.

Guarding Evaluation
Identifies guarding hazards for immediate plant actions.

Conformity Audits
Provides a high-level analysis of specific safety areas.


Our safety, health and environment (SHE) policy and practices center on a zero-harm philosophy towards
people , host communities and the environment.