Electrical Engineering

Jul - 14

Electrical Engineering

 GLOBAL TECH ENGINEERING is a local supplier of electrical equipment,Industrial and Domestic Electrical
installations, PLC installations and Maintenance; Electrical Consulting; Panel building and wiring.It also holds
numerous technology,distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and

Electrical – After careful analysis of an electrical system, we implement the correct equipment and develop a suitable solution for whatever challenge our clients are facing. In addition to this we will advise on ways to optimize power management and efficiency of the system.
Control – Our experts will inspect and study a client’s current processes and in accordance with client budget and specifications, identify the correct equipment needed and develop a tailored control solution.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) – Remote control through a single communication channel. We implement all thesoftware specifications and integrate the right product for the client’s unique needs.
Operational Equipment Efficiency – We are proficient in understanding the weaknesses in a process and identifying the means necessary to reduce operational downtime whilst maximizing efficiency using a quantified approach.
Electrical Reticulation – Full end-to-end service encompassing design,development, installation and commissioning. We possess the necessary knowledge, skills and accreditation to connect any electrical load to the appropriate distribution network.
Electrical Schematic and SLD (Single Line Diagrams) – We provide a graphical representation of the complex inner workings of an engineered solution developed by us.
Network Layout – Network layouts in accordance to client architecture,system specification design, installation and commissioning.
Telemetry – We provide state of the art solutions for our clients’ needs pertaining to reliable and robust data transfer to remote locations, from case study to supply and installation and commissioning.
Installation, Design Operation and Maintenance (IDOM) – Acomprehensive manual that includes IO Lists, Panel Layouts, Network Layouts, Instrument ,Data sheets, Instrument Lists, Electrical Schematics, Loop Diagrams etc.
Drives & Soft Starters

Once powder-coated the panels move to our assembly bay where all the parts are assembled. 

Powder coating:
When the preparation on the panels are completed they are moved to our powder-coating plant.The panels are powder-coated according to customer requirements.

After the assembly the panels are moved to our wiring factory where qualified employees do the wiring and testing.Customers come to view the product and sign it off once satisfied with the product.

Panel Manufacturing : All our panels are designed according to customer requirements and are manufactured with our water-jet machine in our manufacturing factory.

After the designing,cutting and bending of the panels it is sent to our sandblasting section were they are prepared for powder coating.