Project Management

Jul - 14

Project Management

Project Management for GLOBAL TECH ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION includes managing capital and maintaining improvement projects, project planning and resource scheduling, preparing budgets and accurate project costing and feasibility studies, as well as implementing projects and managing contracts, while ensuring all processes and procedures comply with statutory requirements.

The systems and procedures developed for project implementation have been refined to provide the required
control structure for large and small projects alike, whilst ensuring maximized service to projects with minimized system bottle necking and slowdown.

Project procedures and controls are tailored to client requirements and are constantly reviewed to keep abreast of project requirements and technological advances.

By strategically positioning quality management at the the heart of its operations, Global Tech Engineering and Construction has bound together the full value chain of an infrastructure company, thus embedding the concept of a triple bottom line management culture, which is central to reinforcing sustainability and delivering a quality outcome to all stakeholders.